Name Surname: Ekin Meşe Say

Date of Birth:  23.06.1978

Place of birth: Istanbul

Foreign Language: English


Education status:

1992-1995: Şehremini High School

1995-1999: İstanbul Cerrahpaşa Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Biological Sciences

2001-Trakya University Faculty of Medicine

2005-2006: Practitioners (Gemlik / Bursa) - Compulsory Service

2006-2010: S.B.Okmeydanı E.A.H. Skin and Venereal Diseases Clinic (Specialist Training) 2010-

2013: Süreyyapaşa Training and Research Hospital-Dermatology

2013-2014: Bağcılar Training and Research Hospital Dermatology Clinic 2014-2016: Kağıthane State Hospital-Dermatology Outpatient Clinic

Exp. Dr. Ekin Meşe Say is also interested in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dermatology in addition to diagnosis and treatment of dermatological diseases.

During and after my residency training, I attended numerous congresses, symposiums and courses on Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology and continued my education.
2016-2018: Special Interest Hospital (Istanbul); I carried out the treatments (Hair PRP, Hair Mesotherapy, Dermapen application on the scalp, Hair Growth Factor application, hair filler) and follow-up of ‘Androgenetic Alopecia and Telogen Effluvium’ patients which are the most common causes of hair diseases and hair loss.

In 2017; I received LASER-supported Tricological treatments, LLT (Low Level Laser Therapy) Indications and Hair Treatment with Dermohair Laser by Erdağı Medical.

In 2017, I attended the International Society of Aesthetics and Mesotherapy training and obtained the necessary certificates.

In 2018, I joined the National Congress of Aesthetic Facial and Nose Surgery (ISEF) to increase my knowledge and experience.

2018: I attended hair-beard and eyebrow transplantation (FUE / DHI) training at Acıbadem Ataşehir Hair Transplant Clinic for 6 months.

2018-2019: At Centrium Medical Center and CENTRİUM PREMIUM HAIR TRANSPLANTATION CENTER, I became a one-to-one practitioner at all stages of hair transplantation. I have worked enthusiastically and enthusiastically as the physician in charge of all the follow-up processes of our patients who have hair transplantation.

2019: After working in Maya Aesthetics and Hair Transplantation Center for a while, I am still working as a dermatologist (Aesthetics-Cosmetic Applications) and Hair Transplanter in Monotip Gokturk Medical Center and VM Medicalpark Pendik Hospital.

My professional interests:

1-    Hair loss causes and methods used in the treatment of hair loss

2-    Medical and medical treatments for male pattern hair loss (Androgenetic alopecia), Hair PRP, Mesotherapy, dermapen treatment, Hair laser treatment.

3-    Regenera Activa Threapy (Autologous Micrograft Therapy); is a technique based on capillary regeneration therapy in the scalp to combat hair loss. I have successfully applied androgenetic alopecia and all other hair loss patients.
4-    In the first evaluation of our patients who decide to have hair transplantation, firstly the degree of baldness and the pattern of shedding are examined. The quality and number of grafts in the donor area are evaluated with the help of computer assisted special hair analysis devices in our hospital.
The patient is decided which hair transplantation method would be more appropriate. We surely talk about the expectations of our patients about hair transplantation.

Hair Transplantation Methods:

5-    I have been conducting 1 year follow-up of all our patients who have hair transplantation.

6-    Botox Applications in the treatment of facial wrinkles, Masseter botox, Botox treatment in gingival smile
Sweating in hand-foot and armpit area; botox treatment

7-    Filler applications for volume losses observed on face, lips, décolleté and hand back

8-    For the face area; mesolifting, salonDNA, mesotherapy, dermapen and dermoroller, treatment of skin wrinkles, chemical peels, Laser applications (capillary treatment with vascular lasers such as Nd: YAG and KTP, Erbium: YAG, CO2 Fractional Lasers) and all certifications for rope rejuvenation applications There.

9-    Acne and acne-related scars cosmetic (somondna, collagen vaccines, gold needle and fractional laser treatments) stain treatment

10-    Acne Rosacea, Seborrheic dermatitis, Atopic dermatitis, Eczema and urticaria treatment

11- Regional thinning, cellulite treatment and striae treatment, tick lipolysis


1- Investigation of treatment efficacy of long-pulsed-Nd: YAG laser in rosacea patients -Treatment of rosacea with long-pulsed Nd: YAG laser (Türkderm-2013)

2- Treatment Outcomes of Long Pulsed Nd: YAG Laser for Two Different Subtypes of Rosacea (J.Clin. Aesthet.Dermatol. 2015)


Professional Memberships:

Turkish Medical Association

Society of Skin and Venereal Diseases

Turkish Society of Dermatology

Society of Cosmetic Dermatology

Istanbul Medical Chamber